Where are the jobs and space and support in England -

Started by grahame, Mar 28, 2022, 09:54 AM

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It's a myth that all the jobs are in London. Looking at the unemployemnt rate regions by region in Great Britain at present (current data), it's highest in the North East at 5.5%, then next in London. The lowest unemployment rate is in the South West at 2.8% and South Wales at 3%.  My local food delivery comes with a flyer attached "we are looking for drivers" and our local engineering company has a big advert outside looking to hire skilled workers.  It's in Ukrainian colours too, though I think that os a co-incidence.  And we're short of care workers, hospitality help, bus and lorry drivers, dentists, and many many more. Some jobs you could walk straight into ... others require UK qualifications and exams and checks that may (or may not) easily transfer internationally.

With Coronavirus, we have seen major changes. People are working far more from home and far more spread out, and in London the sector which served the daily office commuters is struggling - so that unemployment figure is going to be highest amongst the easy-walk-in jobs just at the moment. I would advise arrivals that there are far better places than London. There will also be more space to welcome uests away from London - property prices there are very high, and spare rooms expensive.

On the comparison chart, beware of the "salary" column - this is about permament full time jobs and you should not expect those starting salaries. Yes, I understand you are likely to be very well qualified, but until you are well established and known to be here for more than a few months, employers wll be reluctant to invest in substantial training for the more skilled rolls, or take a risk at having to find someone else in just a few months.

If you want a big city, a nightlife, or are joining friends in London, by all means. But it may not be the best place for YOU as you look to live away from Ukraine for a while. You may be happier somewhere else.

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