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Started by grahame, Apr 30, 2022, 08:44 AM

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What food for guests?   Noted elsewhere ...

QuoteIf often comes up in this group what foods to buy for guests arriving. Most people, like us, have asked our guests before they arrived and been told they will be happy with anything (I asked several times). So I set about buying all the things recommended on Facebook pages. A lot has gone untouched. This is were its impossible to say what 'Ukrainians like to eat', in the same way I don't have same diet as my next door neighbour.

All the beautiful fresh breads I bought were only eaten by us. They wanted the bog standard white sliced loaf. Coffee drinker, not tea. Child drinks tea but with nothing in it (I have a lovely big bowl of decorative lemons), LOVES cheddar cheese, going to have to take out shares. Pasta - calls it vermicelli but It's more like macaroni wanted (eats plain or in soup). Eggs, chicken fillets, Turkey mince (can't find chicken mince), potatoes, onion, carrot, oranges, ritz crackers, raisins, cheese pizza, cherry tomato, fruit yoghurt have all been picked this week. Butter hasn't been used, lurpak spreadable has in abundance for all the cheese sandwiches.

My point is not to follow my list (apart from to let them try chedder cheese!) but don't go to a lot of time and expense sourcing loads of things or getting in a load of Polish food, sour cream, plain Greek yoghurt, German sliced meat ...etc🫣. Buy simple and trip out together to supermarket the next day. It has been a hectic week since they arrived as I've been working full time, have a toddler, filling out sooo many forms every night to help them and tours of the area- so I haven't had much time to cook from scratch but my lasagna was demolished, so try out all your normal family meals too.

Most importantly they are settling in well, you can see the stress leaving them as the week goes on and we are loving having them share our home.
We had the same, cheddar cheese a big hit. Our lady says they eat quiche and sausages and mash in Ukraine, meats and potatoes. Taking her to the supermarket was the best thing I did.
Similar experience. In this case, I'm taking out shares in jam , biscuits and chocolate.
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