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If you are a offering help please complete this form to give us some basic details and help us make best us of your skills
Melksham, Corsham, Lacock, Chippenham, Calne, Devizes, Trowbridge, Westbury, Bradford-on-Avon

This is the form for people who wish to offer support to our guests but do not have accommodation available for them. Community help is needed with everything from English lessons and helping with forms through our own admin, to giving lifts, running outings and helping hosts. YOUR skills can help - please register with our team, even if you have only an hour or two each week.

Please use the (other) form (HERE) if you wish to sponsor a guest family from Ukraine to stay with you but are not yet matched.
Please use the (other) form (HERE) if you are already matched with guest(s) from Ukraine.

If you spot any problems with this form or website, please email our webmaster

Please complete this form to register as a helper

Questions for everyone

Your Name 
MANDATORY - Please enter your forename and surname

Your Email Address 
MANDANORY - Please enter your email address

Your Phone Number 
Best phone number for you.
Please include country code if not UK.

Link to your Facebook
or other social media page
Other ways to reach you such as your Facebook handle

I cannot speak English 
Only check this box if you are a host who does NOT speak English
Very Unlikely!

I cannot speak Ukrainian 
Check this box if you are a host who does NOT speak Ukrainian
Most hosts WILL check this

First additional Language 
That's IN ADDTION to English and/or Ukranian

How well do you speak that?  poor

Another language ... 
If you speak another language at all, enter it here

How well do you speak that?  poor

Other languages? 
Please list any other languages you speak

How well do you speak that/them? 
How well do you speak the first of those extra languages?

Have you been DBS checked 
For some jobs you need a DBS check.
Have you had one, and if so what was the outcome?
Yes, and I passed
Yes, and I failed
Don't know

What age range are you in? 
To help us know the sort of things we can ask of you
under 14
21 but under retirement age
over retirement age

Are you considered vulnerable? 
Do you need extra support while you help us?

Your Postcode 
Full postcode preferred
Example - SN12 7NY

Your Street Address 
Example - 48 Spa Road

Your Town 
Example - Melksham

Are you happy for us to use this information to help us
match your help offer to help needed
MANDATORY - We need your permission to hold and use your data
See here

How can you help?

Please tell us if you are offering particular help 
If you are offering a particular skill or service
please list it here.

I can help with admin 
Check this box if you can help with ...
* calling / arranging helpers
* database update and checking
* running a team

I can help with interaction with guests 
Check this box if you can help with ...
* Translation
* friendship and company
* showing guests around
* helping sort out guests admin

I can help with information 
Check this box if you can help with ...
* Updating forum and website
* research to help people
* preparing documents

I can help with transport 
Check this box if you can help with ...
* giving lifts
* showing people how to use public transport
* giving public transport direction

I can help physically 
Check this box if you can help with ...
* moving furniture around
* as a carer for less fit guests

I can help with goods 
Check this box if you can help provide ...
* Beds and bedding
* TVs and microwaves
* other basic necessities

I can help with events 
Check this box if you can help with ...
* guiding people around
* days out
* Fairs and parties

Please list relevant skills 
Please list skills that are particularly relevant
that you woul like to use

Support Comments 

How many hours can you give in a typical week? 
Can you spare just a little time, or have you lots spare
less than 2 hours
2 to 4 hours
5 to 8 hours
9 to 20 hours
more than 20 hours
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Once submitted, please email us any changes
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