Moved on or been moved on - and regretted it?

Started by grahame, Aug 28, 2022, 12:52 PM

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We all make significant mistakes. I have done so, apologised, and been able to retrace my errors and get things back as they were, or even better through the very learning.

A number of our guests from Ukraine have made mistakes too - and that is utterly to be expected as their worlds are tossed apart and they find themselves in a strange country. In a number of cases (none within Melksham Town that I am aware of) that has resulted in the guests moving on, and the realising that they were pretty well off where they were. And that moving on has in many of these cases has left the guests in a far worse position than they were living with their sponsor, and left the sponsor feeling pretty upset too.  Our council has written in one case to say it has a responsibility to the guests and not to the sponsors, leaving the sponsors wondering "why did I bother".

I know in there may be a number of guests who think "he's writing about me personally" if they come across this post.  No, I'm not - I am posting about a commonality.   And I'll share another commonality too - if you get back in touch with your sponsors, clear the air and ask if you can repair things and carry on stronger, there's a good chance that you can. The better you can clear the air, the better chance you have.

The majority of guests are well settled. But that minority where things have broken down are sometime asking me or the other people who find themselves as co-ordiators leads to help them find new homes and sponsors. It's been possible a handful of times, but this is where I exercise extreme caution.  If it hasn't worked with one host, will it work with another? Is it fair on the new host, and unlike our council, I have a moral responsibilty to our hosts - especially those who might take on guest(s) who have had issues - it's unfair to ask them and, critically, it's a significant risk of it going wrong again for the guests, and going wrong for the new hosts.  Once into those risks, I really need to refer the guests to the professionals at the council, even if their outcome appears heartless and draconian.  Pulling at my heartstrings and trying to make me feel guilty, especially when facts don't quite seem to add up, is going to help confirm my view that professional help is best for you, and remind me to distance myself from you.  But I do hope to hear in months and years to come that you are safe, happy and well.
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