Are you a potential host seeking a guest?

Started by grahame, May 03, 2022, 06:10 AM

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Matching - some imbalances I have observed.  But please bare in mind I am working in the back room - helping inform people, and helping share data so that people can make better informed choices and tune their requirements and expectations.

1. Families looking for three or more rooms (or required to have that number of rooms because of British council standards of occupancy) where most potential hosts have just one or perhaps two rooms available.

2. Families looking to move to "cities" - look at the scenes on TV of destroyed tower blocks and you'll see their background, but we don't have any cities in our area of matching - we do have some lovely larger towns, which offer very much the facilities of cities here or within 15km for the specialist stuff.

3. Single male hosts - perhaps separated or widowed, and single female guests where - even with local authority checks - one or other party will be concerned about the propriety of arrangements and the potential for something developing which is beyond what people want or offering and may not (but it may) be good.

4. Potential guests who have special needs of some sort, and a need for really special hosts to help them, have the accommodation needed, and be physically located within appropriate reach of any specialist facilities.

5. Potential Wiltshire hosts who don't know anyone in or from Ukraine, and don't speak any Ukrainian or Russian but do know care and humanity, and potential guests from Ukraine (who may or may not still be in that country) who don't know anyone from Wiltshire and have very limited English or perhaps none at all.

6. Potential hosts who are impressively determined to go through with their care, open homes and open hearts for an individual family. Potential guest families who are in such crisis that they are following up multiple options and have circumstances and opportunities that change along the way.

In summary, wonderful people all around (and, yes, there are also some looking to take advantage at the expense of others too), but often half a world apart. Great potential outcomes which we are beginning to see, but a need for understanding, flexibility, patience on all sides.  I am personally very impressed by just how many of those characteristics I see fulfilled by so many of you.
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